Cyber Security


In today’s world, invalid traffic is disrupting go-to market efforts, 40% of all web traffic is made up of bots and invalid users. This affects Go-To- Market efforts, cripples marketing efficiency, disrupts on-site conversions and skews data and analytics.

Cheq develops a cyber security service that utilizes artificial intelligence and natural language processing to protect companies from various forms of invalid traffic and ad fraud. This cyber security technology helps advertisers and companies make sure their ads are being seen by human users and not by bots, and avoid placing their ads in unsafe or otherwise inappropriate environments.

Cheq, an Israeli company, announced a $150 million series C round, led by Tiger Global.

Our partnership with Cheq, enables Synesthesia Digital to serve as brand and product ambassador. Helping brands understand the importance of cyber security threats, having safe online presence, creating non-skewed analytics and maximizing ad buys is part of our core value.


Cheq is bringing the first cyber security platform design for marketers, providing the most accurate and robust GTMS solution in the market. Through this partnership we are able to connect brands with a first in class cyber security technology.