TT Marketing


TikTok has become the go-to destination for short-form mobile video consumption. It has quickly solidified as a worthy alternative for your Facebook, Instagram, and Google marketing investment.

Short videos on TikTok range anywhere from five to sixty seconds and are filled with creativity, humor and plenty of room for brand shoutouts and product integration. 

Already surpassing 80 million active users in the US, the potential for clever, direct advertising will only be getting better with time.


We organically grow our partners’ brands. Our professional technology and data driven team handles all the tasks to ensure your brand is staying at the forefront of your targets’ minds. This method will drive your content to the most relevant audiences. For brands to benefit the most, the team follows conversations, new trends and humor that emerges on a daily basis on the TikTok platform.

Our branded and non-branded content production + Influencers. Production of native videos just for the Tik Tok platform, with the possibility of collaborating with an Influencer.

Tik Tok ad platform management. Our technology and data driven team has in-depth knowledge of the ad platform, understanding and identifying opportunities through audience research to then plan, implement and optimize the ad buy.